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beyond the machine

The CEDEN content delivery network optimizes the delivery of interactive entertainment, reduces costs, and dramatically reduces the ecological footprint for game publishers. It is tailored to serve the needs of gamers and game developers in the metaverse era, powered by our peer-to-peer NFT node network.

The EDEN gaming engine is our open source engine that allows interactive entertainment to transcend today’s technical

Gamers deserve access to communities they resonate with, free of the financial and physical restrictions that the current platform–centric industry encumbers them with. We all deserve a future free from landfills piled high with outdated consoles and hardware.

It`s time to move beyond the machine.


Why Ceden, why now?

CEDEN provides an open source decentralized AI infrastructure. Key benefits include:

More Efficient

By satisfying growth in CDN demand, CEDEN`s NFT nodes enable faster, reliable and more efficient content delivery.


By utilizing AI, CEDEN allows for optimized local caching of content, reducing latency and increased frame rates.


CEDEN’s peer-to-peer architecture offers a more efficient, trustless, and sustainable approach to content delivery.

Web 3 Gaming

The CEDEN network facilitates the creation and delivery of Web3 gaming content that integrates on-chain identity, NFTs and tokenized economies.

Open source

The EDEN engine offers a modular and open source approach for game development, that facilitates more immersive metaverse level games and applications.


The CEDEN Network

The foundation of our infrastructure toolkit is the CEDEN Network.

CEDEN is a future-ready content delivery network (CDN) of efficiently interconnected peer-to-peer non-fungible token (NFT) nodes. Guided by AI algorithms, these NFT nodes streamline the delivery of data downloads by creating localized points of presence at the network edge that enable game publishers to host and serve content to their customer base.

The CEDEN Network is designed to empower the open source AI and network communities to achieve a truly decentralized delivery environment for the new era of entertainment that belongs to everyone, not just the monolithic corporations controlling the origin servers.

CEDEN eliminates monstrous centralized data centers.

CEDEN eliminates hardware manufacturing.

CEDEN allows interactive entertainment to transcend the tech limitations that prevent the future.


The EDEN Engine

Envision a Game of Thrones style battle charge, with a diverse cast of thousands forging forward on foot and horseback as dragons fly overhead spewing fireballs…

Full cinematic engagement can now be delivered via the EDEN Engine which allows for an unprecedented number of assets to exist concurrently and interact with one another.

EDEN is our open source game development engine, delivering two key components to the CEDEN proposition. Firstly, it is elegantly moddable to serve the interests and needs of gamers, with the ability for gamers to directly access the engine and all its capabilities for customisation.

Secondly, EDEN-powered games will serve as genre templates. For example, if a gamer has downloaded a racing game, he or she can access the engine to create their own unique racing game, using the original as a template.

The EDEN technological innovation drastically reduces game development time, increases concurrent development (where designers, animators and artists can work together in real time), and enables the maximization of system resources.

Read further on Persistence, Intelligent Predictive Learning and Modular Design in our white paper here →

CEDEN Lite Paper



Keystone NFT Nodes

CEDEN Keystone NFT Nodes will be minted via a free mint for all CEDEN Mint Pass holders.

The remaining supply will be minted for 500 $USDC each.

3,333 Keystone NFT Nodes will be available to claim at no cost by holders of the CEDEN Mint Pass.

Keystone NFT Nodes earn 10% of all block ($CDN) network rewards while they are running the required minimum hardware and software, or leasing such services from CEDEN or another third-party provider.

$CDN airdrops and rarities

Keystone NFT Nodes are additionally airdropped CEDEN utility token ($CDN) as a daily reward over a four year period. The $CDN Airdrop daily reward increases by rarity tier. This airdrop follows on-chain ownership and Keystone NFT Nodes are transferable.

This collection includes seven rarity tiers:

  • 1/1
  • Mythical
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

Mint your Keystone NFT Nodes

Mint Pass holders mint for free

Mint Pass holders can claim on Ethereum by clicking the Connect button below. Your Keystone NFT Nodes are viewable on Ethereum.

Non-Mint Pass holders

Price per Keystone NFT Node - 500 $USDC



The CEDEN utility token ($CDN) serves as a proof of stake (PoS) mechanism for node operators who wish to service network content delivery needs and earn rewards.

Node operators stake a pre-defined total of $CDN tokens in order to mint a production NFT with a unique ID. Production NFTs grant the user the privilege to run the required hardware and software to earn block rewards and workload revenues.

NFT Node operators provide a peer-to-peer edge of network points of presence. These are used for content delivery, caching and data storage, handle routing, data service, and relay work. In exchange, node operators receive a share of the block rewards and the contract rate revenue generated by the CDN services their nodes perform.

Ten percent of the $CDN supply is issued via a daily airdrop to all CEDEN Keystone NFT nodes. This will begin at network launch and continue for four years.

Ninety percent of the $CDN supply will be released via block rewards distributed to active nodes in the network. 10% is shared by active Keystone NFTs. 90% is shared by active production NFTs.

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Eden Engine conceptual design begins


Eden Engine development begins


Q2CEDEN conceptual design

Q3CEDEN team assembled

Q4CEDEN established


Q1CEDEN Litepaper Release

CEDEN BTM Mint Pass mint

Beyond the Machine Short Release

Q2First Game Studio client reveal

Q3Keystone NFT node mint

Eden Engine beta launch

Q4CEDEN `lite-client` test-net launch

Game One Reveal


Q1EDEN Engine launch

CEDEN network launch

Q2 Game One Beta Release

Game Two Reveal

Game One Retail Release

Q3CEDEN ‘full-client’ Release

The Team

The CEDEN team and strategic advisors are drawn from across the globe with extensive experience in their respective fields.

As a managing member of FungWeiss DAO, COO of VersoView, and Blockchain Advisor of Moxy, Alex is deeply connected to the blockchain industry. With an entrepreneurial career spanning two decades and a passion for blockchain-based solutions, Alex bridges the divide between traditional corporate enterprise and the nascent blockchain industry. Alex has scaled successful businesses with dozens of brands sold across several continents. Alex evaluates macro economic trends, identifies product and market opportunities and develops new and innovative brands.

Haller entered the video game business at the advent of 3D gaming as Board Member and Vice President of THQ. Charged with producing games for the new consoles, PlayStation and Xbox, he designed the WCW and later WWE wrestling games. Haller has won two Fighting Game of the Year awards and was nominated for the overall Game of the Year.Haller later joined Electronic Arts as VP and Group General Manager of DreamWorks Interactive and EA Japan. Under his guidance, the DreamWorks studio created the legendary Medal of Honor games that set the standard for war games. Before entering the game business Haller was a key part of the Kodansha team that pioneered the anime boom throughout the world with their Akira and Ghost in the Shell franchises.

Co-founder of VersoView and serial entrepreneur, Julian has been in the digital space for 30 years. He co-founded Fish, one of the UK’s first web and multimedia agencies, in 1993, then went on to work with Viacom on the development of Blockbuster Video’s instore, internet linked, touch-screen kiosks and their first pan-European web presence, as well as supporting Sky TV and NDS Group with their internet development. Julian is an entrepreneur with a track record of success who has operated offices across three continents. Founding and leading several organizations, he has built a career on being able to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Award-winning designer and strategic thinker, Steve defines and maintains the vision and visual direction for CEDEN. Steve co-founded design, media and publishing company Agency Fish in London, and serves as the agency’s Global Head of Content Marketing and Creativity. He also serves as CPO for VersoView and is the creator-owner of Jaspers, the most remote whisky bar in the world.

Partner at Fork Ventures, a private Web3 investment company which has made over 35 Web3 investments since early 2017, spanning across infrastructure, DeFi, and metaverse/gamefi. Prior to her involvement in the Web3 space, Jemma was a founder in Web2 edutech, and previously worked in investment banking at Macquarie Capital in Australia.

Partner at Fork Ventures, a private web3 investment company. Terry has been an investor in several Web2 & 3 gaming ventures, including VR-based companies, and has founded a number of edutech companies. However, his major experience of relevance to CEDEN is his involvement in rolling out large scale distributed computing systems and wireless networks in challenging developing economy environments.

Sook is an experienced marketing expert with 14 years of marketing, nine years in Web2 starting from consumer marketing research to tech marketing before she founded her own startup and exited from it. Since 2018, she has found blockchain to be a force to be reckoned with being a marketing manager in blockchain including DApp and L1s. Over the last two years, she has planned overall marketing strategy and executed marketing for ARK Ecosystem (ARK.io) and MSQ.io as well as being involved in several NFT projects as a part of the team for Mimic Shhans and Mecha Pilots. She believes in the future of NFTs and Web3 running weekly spaces on NFTs, Web3, and the metaverse on Saturdays called BitS (Builders in the Space).

Fogel is a seasoned Web3 community builder and leader, having actively contributed to multiple projects since 2018. Holding a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, Fogel has talent for crafting engaging stories that appeal to diverse audiences, with his work earning recognition from national broadcasters. Fogel attributes his achievements in the Web3 space to his ability to create compelling narratives and foster strong connections within communities.

Strategic Partners:

FungWeiss DAO

Fork Ventures

Ogiers - Outside Council, BVI

Advisory Board:

Jessiah Ruiz - Technical Director, Unity Studios

Yoji Takenaka - CEO, D3 Publishing

James Finley - COO, Broken Circle Studios

Tami Hathaway - Finance, Dreamworks Interactive

Ricardo Tobon - Animation, Dreamworks Interactive

Read further on Persistence, Intelligent Predictive Learning and Modular Design in our white paper here

CEDEN Lite Paper


CEDEN Mint Pass

The CEDEN Mint Pass NFT grants holders access to all ecosystem mints, including a free mint of the Keystone node NFT.

CEDEN Mint Pass holders will be granted exclusive access to all future NFT mints that occur within the EDEN engine content creation ecosystem. This unique utility will allow the holder an allowlist spot for all game, pfps and other NFT content built on EDEN where the developer opts in to the CEDEN Web3 toolkit.

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